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Please express your support for the acceptance of Georgia to EU by signing and sending the letter.

The purpose of this letter is to highlight the will of our people and society for becoming the member of the European family.

This is the unifying goal regardless of our political views, ethnic, religious and other identities.

The letter can be sent individually or collectively by anyone that shares its purpose.

The letter is addressed to the Presidents and members of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council and the EU Ambassador to Georgia.

As the simplest option, the electronic submission can be done directly from this web page, under the item ‘Send eMail‘. Alternatively, the text can be dowloaded and sent via email or an ordinary mail to the following addresses:

European Commission
President of the European Commission
Rue de la Loi 200
Wetstraat 200 / 1040
P.O. Box: 1049

European Parliament
Ms Roberta METSOLA
President of the European Parliament
Rue Wiertz 60
Wiertzstraat 60 / 1050
P.O. Box: 1047
Bruxelles / Brussel

European Council
Mr Charles MICHEL
President of the European Council
Rue de la Loi 175
Wetstraat 175 / 1048
Bruxelles / Brussel

EU Delegation to Georgia
EU Ambassador to Georgia
EEAS Building
9A Rond Point Schuman
1046 Brussels

This is a petition of the Georgian People for the acceptance of Georgia as a member of the European Union.

We are the people of Georgia, irrespective of specific political affiliation, movement, religion, gender, ethnicity or any other identity. Our free and independent country was built on the basis of democratic and humanistic values. We strongly believe that the cornerstones of the future of Georgia are independence, freedom, peace and democracy. The only viable vector of our evolution is aligned with the European Union.

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