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The letter was written by Gia Dvali and cothinkers. The initiative is conducted by the eurointegration support group of the social movement platform “Talga” (the Wave).

The letter can be sent by anyone who considers themselves to be part of the Georgian Society and agrees with the content of the letter.

The letter will be sent to Presidents and members of the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council and the EU Ambassador to Georgia.

The letter can be sent by e-mail or by the Georgian Post.

To send the letter by the Georgian Post, please download the pdf-file, print four copies, sign and send them to the following addresses:

There are two ways to send the letter electronically

1) Follow the instructions under the item ‘Send eMail’.

2) Download and send a signed pdf file of the letter as an attachment via your personal email to the following addresses:

Include the following text in the subject:

Use the following text for your e-mail: